Products :
Help build safer communities

Vision :
Incorporate technology to improve quality of security while

reducing its cost.

Values :
We will promote “Proven” technologies.
We will build our business around 24/7 service support.
We will build an International organization with local, entrepreneurial zeal.
We will provide a happy & rewarding environment for our team members.




Products :


Iwatch Products :
Access System.
Video Survelliance System.
Attendance Management System.
Visitor Management System.




ACCESS Management :


ABS 4300
ABS 4800
Network Switches
L-I Identify Solutions - Biometrics
XPIP Controllers
Biometric Handreading Geometry
Electric Door Strike






Magic Version ( 7042 )
Outdoor Version ( 8042 )
Magic Vision ( 71162 )
USB Cameras
IP Network Video Surveillance Soft.
IP Cameras
Digital Video Recorders
9 Models of CCTV




Visitor Management :


AM Launchbar Code Laser Scanner.
AM Watch Software.
Attended Cashier System.
Elite Intercom.
TE 500 Engineering Telephone Entry.




Attendance Management :


Elite Swing Gates.
Virtual Guard Gate Entry Towers.
Virtual Guard Central Control Station.
Push for Exit Button.
Lift Master.
HID 125 Khz.
iClass 13.56 Mhz.




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