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An actual demonstration of the capabilities of new technology should be more worthy than written content on internet.
This is why we offer a Systems Engineer supported by a fully operational demonstration van to show you the potential of amazing new technology that is available in the security industry today! You can, at your own facility, see….
  1. The difference between the old analog cameras and the new IP cameras.
  2. How fingerprint scanning is better, and cheaper, than cards or Key-FOBs.
  3. How LPR can eliminate all lines in your visitor lane at the Guard Gate
  4. How “Virtual” guards, with 80% savings, may be a real option for you.
In addition to a demonstration, the Systems Engineer is also qualified, and available, to discuss any specific area of concern and help identify solutions that have worked for other customers with similar challenges. 20 minutes is all we ask. And this investment of 20 minutes can change your understanding of “what is possible” and prepare you for smart, cost-saving solutions for the future.
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